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2,500 kg of Plastic for a Free Bike

The recent campaign undertaken by The Oddity Supplements, in collaboration with Cityflow and Empower Eco, has yielded outstanding results by successfully integrating the core values of sustainability, social responsibility, and wellness.

Last October, the partnership between these three entities brought a unique and eco-friendly approach to marketing: Cityflow offered free bicycles in Barcelona to promote OCEANCOLL®, a hydrolyzed marine collagen by The Oddity Supplements. The bikes have a QR code, and each scan generates a donation to Empower Eco to combat ocean plastic.

Empower Eco is a digital platform that incentivizes transparent and traceable collection, sourcing & recycling of plastic waste globally. With the collaboration of other companies, a cleanup has been carried out in over 40 countries. Within this campaign, The Oddity Supplements has helped in Indonesia and Nigeria reaching a waste cleanup of 2,500 KG of plastic.

The combination of these partnerships not only showcased The Oddity Supplements' commitment to environmental and social causes but also created a positive impact in the world. The campaign's success is attributed to its ability to effectively communicate the values of sustainability and wellness while leveraging unconventional marketing strategies. The brilliant results achieved underscore the potential for businesses to thrive while actively contributing to social and environmental betterment.

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