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Clinical-dermatological application study about our hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides. Our best tip for skincare.

Are you worried about the health of your skin? Looking for the best winter skincare tips? Do you notice that the passage of time is reflected in your skin? Would you like to see it healthier and more hydrated? We have good news for you! Keep reading and discover the marine collagen benefits...

We believe that the best way to tell something is with evidence, so we have conducted a clinical study under a very strict dermatological control for 12 weeks with heathy people, who took daily 5 grams of our hydrolyzed marine collagen, BDF Naturlagen, the main component of Oceancoll. 

In this same clinical study, the analysis of wrinkles and skin hydration of the people who have participated has also been carried out. Both skin wrinkles and hydration are determining factors in trying to slow down aging. The sooner you start taking care of your skin, the better.

Wrinkles... our worst nightmare! Discover the benefits of collagen in the skin. 

How long does it take for collagen proteins to work?

In this same study, BDF Naturlagen was also taken orally over a 12-week period.

How much marine collagen should I take daily?

At a dose of 5 grams per day.

What is collagen good for? Which are the collagen functions?

It was confirmed that the depth of individual wrinkles in the people analyzed clinically and dermatologically showed improvement of individual wrinkles by 23.57% in the three-month test area. 

It also showed an improvement in skin hydration has been shown in 74.53% of users after six weeks and in 115.90% after 12 weeks. Having hydrated skin is really important if you want to help your skin defend the external factors that accelerate skin aging.

An improvement of individual wrinkle depth by 23,57 % in the test area could be shown.

From a clinical-dermatological point of view, it has been confirmed that no relevant skin reactions occurred in the test area; there is no doubt that the product was excellently tolerated. Furthermore, no reactions such as the dreaded irritation or allergic reactions were detected.

Consequently, we can affirm there is no high potential for irritation and sensitization of hydrolyzed marine collagen, BDF Naturlagen, when used according to the recommended use of 5 grams per day regardless of the type of skin you have.

Do not forget that to maintain healthy skin you have to take care of each and every one of its layers from the innermost, the hypodermis, to the outermost and most visible, the epidermis. You must also take into account both internal factors such as diet or external factors such as pollution or tobacco, since all these may influence the state of your skin.

All the support you can offer your skin will be welcomed and our hydrolyzed marine collagen is one of the best options to maintain a younger and healthier skin.

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