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What are the Benefits of Marine Collagen with Vitamin Supplements?

Marine Collagen - The Building Block for Youth and Health


Natural collagen production begins slowing down as we mature, around the late twenties, and the body starts to lose 1.5% of its collagen every year.

Collagen supplements are therefore essential in regenerating and maintaining the body’s collagen levels and are important in terms of restoring body tissues, keeping the skin smooth and ensuring strength in both bones and joints.

Recent studies have proven the efficacy and benefits of marine collagen on skin hydration, on elasticity and on the reduction of wrinkles, its benefits have also been proven with respect to the musculoskeletal system, joint pain, tissue repair, post-exercise recovery and sports performance.

Health Benefits

Due to its numerous benefits we recommend taking marine collagen peptides every day for people of all ages. Collagen peptides have been shown to provide both pain-alleviating and anti-inflammatory effects.

Aging is also associated with an elevated risk of bone fracture and other musculoskeletal problems that are caused by a steadily increasing reduction of bone and muscle mass. These processes are known as osteoporosis and sarcopenia, and they are significant factors in the restricting functional movements in the elderly.

  • The intake of collagen peptides helps to prevent the development of both osteoporosis and sarcopenia, as collagen promotes muscle growth and aids the formation of healthy joints and strong bones.
  • Collagen peptides are also recommended for young, physically active individuals, as they lead to a significant reduction in activity-related joint pain.

Marine Collagen - Beauty Benefits

Collagen is the major structural component of skin; due to intrinsic and extrinsic factors, such as age, smoking, pollution and UV, collagen suffers alterations that break it down. These alterations cause visual changes to the skin, reducing suppleness, and increasing the amount of wrinkles.

  • Taking low molecular-weight collagen peptides effectively improves the health of skin cells by increasing collagen production and inhibiting the enzymes (collagenase) that break down skin collagen. These effects improve hydration, suppleness and elasticity in the skin, leading to diminished surface roughness, heightened smoothness and fewer wrinkles.
  • Collagen peptide consumption also helps to thicken the hair and strengthen brittle nails.

Marine Collagen - Sports Performance Benefits

Collagen peptide intake is also recommended for physically active adults due to the numerous benefits it provides for those dedicated to sport and exercise.

  • Collagen peptide supplements promote muscle growth and sound joint formation, accelerating musculoskeletal recovery after intense exercise, while both preventing injuries and promoting tissue repair.
  • Strength and mass are also improved with collagen peptides; improving athletic performance and alleviating muscle soreness after strenuous physical exercise.

Marine Collagen - Superior Absorption and Bioavailability

The consumption of our hydrolyzed collagen proteins results in a higher bioavailability compared to non-hydrolyzed collagen. Hydrolyzed collagen means that the collagen protein has been totally broken down, enhancing its bioavailability, while facilitating digestibility and absorption into the bloodstream, supporting and maintaining collagen production levels, skin hydration, strong hair and nails, and healthy joints and bones.

Fish collagen is also absorbed more efficiently into the body when compared to bovine or porcine sourced collagen, resulting in superior bioavailability when compared to these products.

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