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About Oceancoll

Oceancoll is our premium hydrolyzed marine collagen protein brand, specially designed to unlock your natural beauty. Derived from the skin of wild-caught marine fish, Oceancoll offers small, low molecular-weight peptides that are highly bioavailable and easily digestible.

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Our Philosophy

Beauty, Sports, and Healthy Aging

Oceancoll is not just about beauty. Our products are also addressed to sports enthusiasts and individuals seeking healthy aging support. From promoting muscle growth and joint health to aiding in sports recovery and promoting overall well-being, Oceancoll is your partner in living a healthier life.


Get Ready for Spring: 3 Reasons Why Taking Collagen with Vitamin C is Advisable

With the arrival of spring, our bodies undergo a transition to warmer days and outdoor activities. It's the perfect time to renew our personal care routine and focus on keeping our skin radiant and our health at its best. An effective way to do this is by incorporating collagen with vitamin C into our daily diet.

2,500 kg of Plastic for a Free Bike

The recent campaign undertaken by The Oddity Supplements, in collaboration with Cityflow and Empower Eco, has yielded outstanding results by successfully integrating the core values of sustainability, social responsibility, and wellness.

Oceancoll and Cityflow launch the first negative-price bicycle campaign in Barcelona

The Oddity Supplements, the Oceancoll® marine collagen-based food supplement company, has teamed up with Cityflow, a bicycle advertising startup, to promote its hydrolyzed marine collagen products. The campaign also includes a collaboration with Empower Eco, an organization committed to the oceans, to drive sustainability and promote social awareness.

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